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Move Our Money Day and Bank Local

Santa Fe’s Green Chamber of Commerce presents Move Our Money Day

A local banking endeavor to move Santa Fe’s economy forward

By The Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce

We are declaring Tax Day – this year April 18th, 2017 – Move Our Money Day. We are working with the banks and credit unions featured below to develop an on-going educational program. For starters, we’re leading by example, encouraging Green Chamber members, all Santa Fe residents & local businesses to transfer our accounts from multinational or outside owned banking institutions to home-based locally owned banks & credit unions that more profoundly serve Santa Fe & Northern New Mexico.

The benefits of banking with these locally owned banks and credit unions:

  • Keeps our hard earned dollars in our community
  • Grows our economy & creates jobs
  • Offers excellent financial services with a wide variety of option
  • Sustains our cultural and natural heritage
  • Provides extensive and meaningful community service
  • Invests in the future of Santa Fe
  • Benefits our collective livelihood

The Green Chamber of Commerce is working with the following financial institutions:








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