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State Parks Issues Notice of Blue Green Algae at Bluewater Lake State Park

Prewitt, NM- New Mexico State Parks has issued a notice for the presence of Blue Green Algae at Bluewater Lake State Park. State Parks is advising visitors who recreate at Bluewater Lake of possible health risks associated with exposure to blue green algae a naturally occurring organism in lakes that can produce toxins but is short lived. As a precaution, State Parks is posting notices at Bluewater Lake State Park and distributing flyers to visitors. Please note that this is currently a small area and it will be posted clearly for visitors.
Blue green algae can form anytime, particularly in the summer or early fall when conditions
include the presence of warm, shallow, nutrient rich water that receives a lot of sunlight. Most
blue green algae are safe; however, people should be aware that toxic conditions can exist
and should limit their contact with blue green algae as much as possible. Seek medical
attention immediately if you think you, your child, or your pet might have been exposed.
To guard against exposure, consider the following precautions:
  • When boating, water skiing or swimming, don’t come into contact with water that is discolored or where excessive foam, scum, or mats of algae on the water are visible
  • Avoid swimming in areas with large quantities of algae
  • Shower or rinse off with clean water after swimming and prior to food preparation
  • and eating
  • Rinse pets off with clean water instead of allowing pets to groom themselves
  • Bring clean water for pets and keep them away from the
  • lake
  • Never drink untreated surface water, whether or not algae blooms are
  • present
  • Seek immediate medical attention if symptoms occur after possible
  • exposure
For more information on YOUR New Mexico State Parks, please visit our website at www.nmparks.com or call 1-888-nmparks.

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