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Pure New Mexico features Ernestine Romero

Pure New Mexico airs Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10am

Ernestine Romero was the featured New Mexico music artist on Pure New Mexico which originally aired on Tuesday January 2, 2018, and will rebroadcast on Saturday January 6, 2018. Listen why Ernestine is a musical star loved by fans not only because of her music, but also because of the wonderful person she is!

Ernestine Romero Biography

Recording artist and song writer from Santa Fe, NM, has released numerous albums in her youthful career. She has been awarded various awards for her Cd’s and has released 9 CD’s which includes her latest CD entitled “Gracias Senor” which is named after the duet song she did with 2-time Grammy Award winner Ruben Ramos (El Gato Negro), which she believes is her best yet. Ernestine displayed her passion for music at the age of 3 and began her professional career at the age of 8. She released her first CD at the age of 11 and looked at her father as a mentor all her life.

Ernestine’s career began when she was a child watching her father’s band perform and she was determined to somehow get on the stage to perform as well. Influenced by her father who she has looked up to all these years but also she loved Selena and knew the stage is where she belonged. She says her career was inevitable.

Her instinctive understanding of rhythm, passion for performing and her willingness to take creative risks is what has led her down a musical path of artistry. Knowing that music has no boundaries has fed her artistic growth and inspired her voice to become a vehicle of diverse expression. Possessing an ability to completely captivate audiences with her stage presence has made her a unique female performer.

Ernestine Romero continues to expand and diversify her music and style, and at the same time staying true to her NM roots; she not only continues to show how her evolution can be a great commodity when it comes to creating new ways to reach people, but also a sign of more things to come.

Ernestine’s talented band is made up of 4 musicians residing in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM, who have a passion for music and experience playing for many years. Ernestine Romero is an energetic show band that will sure get you dancing along with them.

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