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PRC gives nod to 2,200 MW wind project planned for Lincoln, Torrance and Guadalupe counties


The Public Regulation Commission (PRC) this week approved the location of what could be the largest wind generation facility in the Western Hemisphere.

The Corona Wind Projects will stretch across 300,000 acres of private and state land in Lincoln, Torrance, and Guadalupe counties and generate up to2,200 megawatts (MW) of power.

Commissioners also approved the location of an 80-mile long transmission line, which will connect up to 950 turbines within the project footprint to new substations.

Once again New Mexico has proven to be a leader in renewable energy,” said PRC Chairman Sandy Jones.  “Since 2015, the PRC has approved more than 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy projects in windand sun-rich New Mexico, driving job growth, creating a new source of revenue in the form of land lease payments, boosting the tax base, and curtailing our use of fossil fuels.”

Corona Wind Companies, which is comprised of joint applicants AnchoWind LLC, Cowboy Mesa LLC, Duran Mesa LLC, Red Cloud Wind LLC, Tecolote Wind LLC, and Viento Loco, LLC, are all indirectly held subsidiaries of Pattern Energy Group 2 LP.

All agreed to meet 26 conditions set by the PRC, which include mitigating risks to native plant, wildlife, raptor, eagle, and migratory bird habitats; minimizing avian collision by installing bird diverters; training crews to identify cultural, ecological, and archeological resources; implementing appropriate erosion control measures; and steering clear of water sources.

Project completion is expected in 2020.

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