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ICYMI: Family, Life, and Religious Freedom in the News

By Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico
This Saturday, Albuquerque’s Main Library is slated to host adult male entertainers, outfitted in makeup and outfits, using their “drag” names, reading to young children. Not only is “Drag Queen Storytime” being advertised on the Library’s official website and social media, but it is scheduled to take place during the Library’s “Family Fun” event for families and children ages 0-12. There is no arguing the fact that drag queens are adult entertainers and that these events are inappropriate for kids. At events in other cities, children in attendance have been encouraged to participate in youth drag queen competitions, and in Houston, one of the drag queens was later found to be a registered sex offender. If you live in the City of Albuquerque or Bernalillo County, please click here to send a message to our elected officials telling them that, “Drag queen programs are inappropriate for children and the library should not host or promote them.”
Life – American Medical Association (AMA) Retains Opposition to Assisted Suicide

This week, the American Medical Association (AMA), the largest association of physicians, overwhelmingly voted to retain its firm opposition to assisted suicide. According to the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, “Physician-assisted suicide if fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.” This past Legislative Session, Family Policy Alliance and our allies were instrumental in defeated legislation to legalize assisted suicide in New Mexico.
Religious FreedomDenver Baker Jack Phillips Sued for the Third Time

Jack Phillips, the Christian Baker from Denver, is now facing a third lawsuit for respectfully declining to provide a gender transition cake. Although there are dozens of other bakeries in Denver that would have provided the cake, Phillips continues to be targeted by radical activists hellbent on harassing and punishing him for operating his business in accordance with his faith.
At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, our vision is a state where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished, and we are honored to be fighting for these issues at all levels—local and national. However, we could not do it without your prayers and support, so thank you from all of us!

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