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What happened in Israel?


The terror organization Hezbollah struck an Israeli military base near Israel’s northern border with anti-tank projectiles. Hezbollah also destroyed an IDF vehicle in the attack, but mercifully, the soldiers were not currently inside so there were no casualties. IDF spokesman Ronen Manelis said, “Hezbollah carried out its plan but with no success. There was a massive preparation [of the army]. We prepared at sensitive locations.”

Following this provocative attack by the Lebanese-based terror organization, the IDF responded with artillery hezbollah2and helicopter fire, sending over 100 shells into Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. The IDF also struck back at the cell from which the projectiles were fired.

During Hezbollah’s initial attack, residents of towns in the Upper Galilee said they heard explosions. As a result, the IDF blocked roads nearby and ordered towns within 2.5 miles of the northern Lebanese border to open shelters.

These events which are putting Israeli lives at risk are part of a series of escalating tensions between Israel and Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah. Last week, Israel warned Hezbollah that it would not allow the terrorist organization to succeed in its attempts to develop precision-guided missiles with backing and materials from Iran. In recent weeks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also been clear that Israel will fight Iran on every front where the empire entrenches itself in order to protect Israeli citizens.

Because of these concerning and intensifying exchanges, CUFI strongly backs the Countering Hezbollah in Lebanon’s Military Act of 2019 which calls for a reduction of US aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) responsible, yet failing, to keep Hezbollah at bay. The LAF needs to work diligently to purge Hezbollah from its ranks and end its tolerance for and coordination with the terrorist organization, the purposes for which US aid is provided to Beirut. Unless the LAF meets these modest requirements and the bill advances to enforce hezbollah3them, the US will continue sending aid to Lebanon, and Hezbollah will continue stockpiling increasingly sophisticated weapons for use in a future conflict with Israel.

To learn more about Hezbollah and its primary objective of seeking Israel’s destruction, please click here to read CUFI’s primer. As Christians, it is critical that we obey our Biblical mandate to bless Israel and to do so, we must remain apprised of God’s Chosen People’s determined enemies.

During these tense and perilous times, as Israel fights against Hezbollah, an evil, Iranian-backed terrorist organization, the founding purpose of which is to attack Israel and wipe it off the map, let us remember Israel in our prayers and pray for peace and protection for the Jewish state.

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