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MIX Santa Fe Welcomes 2018 bizMIX Class

Fourteen amazing teams invited into bizMIX 2018. From fungus and florals to funerals and fitness, these teams are chock-full of brilliance!

By Bizmix

Come and help us welcome our 2018 class of bizMIXers on Thursday at 5:00p at Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery. We will be providing these budding entrepreneurs their first entrée into the bizMIX program. They’ll be floating around at the MIX Santa Fe event at 6:00p to chat about their hopes and dream. Join us!

We welcome the following teams into bizMIX 2018:

Bau Wau Haus – (Bow Wow House) is a locally crafted, custom design Dog House boutique based in Santa Fe. If you are a pet lover who wants only the best to pamper your furry companion while indulging your own aesthetic taste, Bau Wau Haus is the one-of-a-kind design service for you! And for those of the feline persuasion, Meow Haus (Meow House) is coming soon. Luca Marino-Baker

Chronicle Cremation Designs  – Believes that we can live better with death. With the help of scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, we have developed an additional step in the cremation process resulting a new form of remains that is clean, convenient, and beautiful. Justin Crowe

Construction House Art School & Projects – Designed to support artists, designers, and craftspeople from beginners to experts interested in expanding their art practices through conversation, presentation and observation. Our goal is to facilitate and enable the expansion of ideas and art practices through an interdisciplinary art community. Tom Miller

Earth Traveler teardrop trailers – Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a strong, safe and attractive 4-person teardrop trailer under 300 pounds that not just save you on gas but also can be tow with any small car around the world? Earth Traveler, teardrop trailers, provides an extremely lightweight camper without compromising the customer to buy a bigger or a second car just to tow. Angel Irlanda

Ever Beauty Skincare – A family owned business, specializing in handmade skincare products created by Dominique Garcia, the company founder and licensed esthetician. These products include soaps, lip balms, body balms, bath bombs, and more products to come soon. Dominique Garcia

The Fungus AmongUS – Bringing locally grown organic mushrooms to Santa Fe. Matthew Moya

Nomada Goods Co. – An import/export business specializing in indigenous, sustainable, And unique products from New Mexico (such as chile), Mexico and eventually small international communities.  Miguel Villalpando

Garden Lore Designs – Selling simple, original quilt patterns and digital quilting and embroidery designs, inspired by nature to raise awareness and funds to preserve our botanical heritage. Local artists and designers partner on design elements, expanding a customer base to the sewing and quilting market. Lauren Ayer

Hopper + Sun Hopper – Sun offers floral arrangements, bouquet delivery subscriptions and exotic plants to adorn and elevate your living space or workplace.  Roxane Hopper

La Villa Real Brewing Cooperative – A member owned co-operative brewery in Santa Fe. Mateo Miller

Mabel’s Table – We are a limited editions table linens company featuring New Mexico and Southwestern culture. We keep busy ironing and folding and tying. Our products are made in New Mexico, which is really important to us in our mission to support and serve our local community. Holly Tunkel & Diane Hanson

Smiles for Miles – Non-profit, Smiles for Miles, will be an accommodated Studio/Gallery space where young disabled adults who have graduated from High School can go to produce and sell arts and crafts. Smiles for Miles would provide an expanding venue for the special needs community to produce, contribute, and spread their smiles. Cheryl Kennedy

StandFit – Seeks to positively impact the health of workers everywhere. This patented standing assistance device counters the negative effects of sedentarism by encouraging and facilitating standing in the workplace or at home. Russell Moore

UNUM Magazine – Launching an annual women’s leadership forum in the Southside of Santa Fe to not only bring together inspiring women who are impacting communities across the state of New Mexico and the other parts of the world, but to bring much needed attention to the rich culture that is beyond the tourist-centric downtown. Tricia English

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