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Supporting Israel is not a political issue–it is a biblical issue

By Pastor John Hagee 
This has been a difficult year for many of our Jewish brothers and sisters, as a rising tide of anti-Semitism has made many feel threatened and alone. It is especially hard to be an Israeli, and wake up every morning to see international headlines condemning your country for defending its people against the never-ending onslaught of violent attacks along your borders and in your streets. That is why, more than ever, our Jewish friends need to see our love in action.
Standing against the tide of hatred as a protective shield is Christians United for Israel, and the strength of our numbers and our effectiveness as a voice of truth gives hope, comfort, and strength to the Jewish people. This year we heard this sentiment expressed multiple times during our Washington DC Summit by the Israelis who spoke on stage and by the Jewish attendees who wrote CUFI afterward to say thank you. By joining your voice with millions of other Christians in support of the Jewish State, you are actively demonstrating your love and repairing centuries of damaged relations between Christians and Jews.
Christmas is a sacred time of year for Christians around the world as we gather with loved ones to celebrate the birth of Christ. We celebrate the love of family, the value of friendships and the many blessings that have been afforded us. At CUFI, we celebrate the special bond that brings the millions of CUFI members together with our Jewish brothers and sisters as one family with a shared love for our biblical forefathers in the faith and our spiritual homeland.
Thankfully, because of your generous support, in the last year, CUFI has shown the Jewish people real love by achieving the following concrete results that made Israel stronger and her people safer:
  • By sending more than one million emails to Congress, we ensured the signing of the Taylor Force Act into law and keeping US taxpayer dollars out of the hands of Palestinian terrorists.
  • We helped secure the confirmation of Mike Pompeo, a strong friend to Israel, as Secretary of State by flooding the Senate with more than 60,000 emails.
  • In recognition of CUFI’s key role in supporting President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, we were honored to participate in the opening ceremony on Israel’s 70th anniversary in May.
  • CUFI supported the confirmation of Kenneth Marcus, a fierce advocate against anti-Semitism, as the Department of Education’s Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.
  • Shortly after CUFI began working with legislators to end US support for the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel work of UNRWA, President Trump cut off all funding for the agency.
  • The Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act of 2018 passed both houses of Congress after CUFI lobbied behind-the-scenes for months.
  • And thankfully, one of our top lobbying agenda items from the Summit, the Stop Using Human Shields Act, advanced through the Senate.
The people of Israel see that CUFI is making a real difference on the ground in Washington and across the country in fighting anti-Semitism and making Israel safer. This is love in action, and as Bible-believing Christians, it is the greatest gift we could give our Jewish brothers and sisters.
All of the victories in 2018 were made possible by our generous donors who enabled us to make a powerful impact in Washington DC and around the country on behalf of the Jewish people.
Meeting this goal is critical for continuing to win battles on Capitol Hill, in the media, in state governments, and on college campuses around the country. Please consider giving the people of Israel your very best Christmas gift by helping CUFI prepare for the battles of 2019.
This is our hour of opportunity. Help us seize the momentum God has granted us to play a pivotal role in the story of Israel and the Jewish people during this crucial time in history. As you give to bless Israel, may God’s overwhelming blessings and favor pour out in your life during this Christmas season and the coming New Year.

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