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Belicia Esquivias and Chanelle Jaeger Brighten Our Future

Young friends make their talk show hosting debut on Save Water Santa Fe

By Santa Fe Today Staff | March 23, 2017

Save Water Santa Fe is a weekly talk show, Thursdays at 8:05am, on KSWV radio that is hosted by Christine Chavez, Water Conservation Manager for the City of Santa Fe. Today Christine produced the show and turned the microphone over to guest hosts Chanelle Jaeger, 6th grader at Santo Nino Regional Catholic School, and by Belicia Esquivias, 7th grader at St. Michaels.

Listen to this special edition of Save Water Santa Fe to learn insightful information about how to save water and how to save our world. And also get your gut ready for some “knee slapping” comedy because Belicia and Chanelle tell jokes that are sure to make you laugh! Our future looks bright because of these intelligent and witty young women.

The audio begins at 0:13 seconds

Below are some photos from this morning’s wonderful talk show!

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