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Commissioner Anna Hansen’s District Two Update

By Anna Hansen | March 22, 2017

Greetings from County District Two

During this New Mexico legislative session, I’ve sponsored two county resolutions, in support of state bills, that were passed by the Board of County Commissioners. The first was a resolution in support of safe nurse staffing levels in our hospitals (HB288 and SB281). Enacting safe nursing staffing levels in hospitals ensures patient safety and can save lives.

The second resolution was in support of Senate Bill 360. The bill requires competitive resource procurement (renewable energy) for electric utilities in the state of New Mexico. This will provide transparency, cost savings, and bring New Mexico in line with the best practices of other western states.

I enjoyed my visit to Salazar Elementary school (seen in the above photo). With all of the funding cuts our schools are facing, providing services becomes more difficult. The school librarian mentioned that she didn’t have any books on renewable energy, so we donated ours. One way that you can help Salazar Elementary is to make a book donation to their library. Also, donations of shoes and coats for students in need is also greatly appreciated.

We toured our landfill and the Buckman Road Recycling & Transfer Station (BuRRT). One way we can ensure that our current landfill meets our needs into the future is by recycling.

Aldea residents hosted a meeting to discuss neighborhood issues. We had an informative discussion. The MPO will be meeting later this spring to discuss DOT plans for Highway 70.

We also attended the Agua Fria Village Association meeting and they are working on a Community Organization. The Community Organization is part of the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC) and gives the village standing with the county. If you are interested in getting involved please contact William Mee. The Nancy Rodriguez Community Center will be closed for the next two months due to construction. During that time the Association’s monthly meetings will be held at the Agua Fria Fire Station.

The Mutual Domestics had their annual meeting. David Madrid, from Santa Fe County, attended and left a copy of the sewer plan for Agua Fria Village. If you are interested in looking at the sewer plan, please contact Agua Fria Community Water Association.

Moving forward, we are excited to be working with the county’s new Sustainability Office and Director Claudia Borchert to ensure the county continues to prioritize sustainability issues.

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Salazar Elementary is celebrating literacy this month. I stopped by and read Energy Island by Allan Drummond to the the 4th grade class. Energy Island is a story about Samso an island in the center of Denmark that became carbon negative by creating a plan and working together. The island serves as an example to the world of the new energy economic transformation, and also that you are never to small to make a difference.

Office Contact information:

Commissioner Anna Hansen

Maria Rotunda, Constituent Liaison

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