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Santa Fe Hollow Forms

My name is Raymond Barela and I am a Santa Fe, NM native. I have lived here my entire life working as a plasterer/contractor. I was taught this trade as a young boy and turned it into my livelihood, but what I truly loved was working with wood. I started turning wood as a young man, but never had the time or money to pursue it as my career. So, I worked on pieces as a hobby.

As I am approaching retirement, I have started devoting the majority of my time to turning. And, I couldn’t be happier! I created every piece with “amor”.

Each hollow form is specially created based on the type of wood, shape and the authentic turquoise that captures Santa Fe’s enchanting landscape and culture. I mainly use native New Mexican wood species like Aspen and Cedar, but also use beautiful woods from other states.

When you purchase one of my hollow forms, you are buying a piece of Santa Fe! Enjoy!

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