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The Great Outdoors with The New Mexico Wildlife Federation

Written by Mike Michael, Host of The Great Outdoors New Mexico Show  — March 28, 2019

Today on the Great Outdoors-New Mexico Show, we had the pleasure of having in the studio, Jesse Deubel, the Executive Director of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation.  As usual we had a very informative visit with Jesse.  We started off the show by doing a brief roundup of what happened during this year’s New Mexico Legislative session.

Jesse informed us that legislation passed creating an office of Outdoor Recreation under the auspices of the New Mexico Economic Development Department.  It is thought this office will highlight and to some degree leverage the wonderful outdoor recreation that all of us enjoy so much here in New Mexico into jobs and economic growth.  A signing ceremony will be held at Hyde Memorial State Park this Tuesday. A measure to change the makeup of the Game and Fish Commission that was supported by the New Mexico Wildlife Federation did not succeed.

Also, during our visit Jesse described an effort being championed by New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich which would elevate the status of Bandelier National Monument to a National Park.  With this action approximately 4,000 acres of wilderness will be freed-up for hunting.  This would be a prime hunting area that was previously unavailable.

We also talked about a program that has been promoted on the Great Outdoors-New Mexico show before and sponsored by the New Mexico Wildlife Federation.  This program takes youth from here in New Mexico and they go back east, most recently to Tennessee.  This year a group from Tennessee will be coming to New Mexico.  During this summer’s program, they will follow in the footsteps of Aldo Leopold, the great conservationist and founder of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation.  Jesse also made an appeal to any sportsmen and woman out there who would like to donate wild game meat to the New Mexico Wildlife Federation to help feed this group authentic wild game from New Mexico.  Also, there will be a fundraiser involving participation in a real-time podcast involving bears and stories about bears.

We closed out the show out by asking Jesse what hunts he put in for and what his assessment of what the upcoming fishing season was going to be like.  He was of course positive that we were going to have a great fishery here in New Mexico this summer.  A special thanks went out to Jesse for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit with us today.

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