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The Rusty Nut Show debuts on KSWV radio

Batteries 101 “505 Style”

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Submited by Gabriel Garcia, Owner The Auto Angel | April 1, 2019

The inaugural Rusty Nut Show  focused on car batteries, afterall, the battery is the heart of the entire car! Without a reliable power source, there would be no cruising around the Plaza, getting groceries or enjoying a scenic trip along the high road to Taos.

Listen and learn how to properly ask for a jump start in “spanglish”. Listen to the show as the two biggest killers of batteries are revealed. Safety, value, and unique battery installation locations are all discussed.

Keep in mind batteries are the foundation for a dependable car. Twelve volt batteries can be dangerous, and should be professionally tested every time the car is serviced. It is vital that batteries be correctly installed. Finally, the value will ultimately be tested and proven when the demand is most critical. Thank you for listening.

Hosts of The Rusty Nut Show

About The Rusty Nuts

The Rusty Nuts Show is a fun and informative talk show that teaches radio listeners about preserving their automobiles; their biggest investment next to their home. The show educates, informs and guides radio listeners on the practical steps they can take to maintain and fix their automobiles.

About the hosts

Gabriel Garcia is an automobile subject matter expert and the owner of The Auto Angel, a trusted automotive shop in Santa Fe. Patricio has been a radio personality for nearly 30 years and is known for his off the cuff humor and connection to the community.

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