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Pecos, Taos, Capital, Los Alamos joined Santa Fe High Saturday morning for the 29th annual Joe I. Vigil Open Cross Country Invitational over the Cattail Golf Course at Adams State in Alamosa

By Arnie Leshin 
Arnie Leshin

Wonder if Pecos and Taos rode the same bus to Saturday morning’s 29th annual Joe I. Vigil Open Cross Country Invitational 5-killomers raced atAdams State University in Alamosa?


Either that or they just stepped along together in both the girls and boys run over the Cattail Golf Course. In the team scoring, the boys found Taos finishing 16th with 453 points, and a point and place behind in 17th was Pecos’ 454 points.


In the girl’s race, it occurred again. Not as closeastheboys, but the Tigers scored 282 points to take 8th, and in 9th was the Panthers with 320.


The top spot among the girls went to Los Alamos, edging Classical Academy, 63-64, with Albuquerque Academy third with 74. In 246th was Santa Fe High running up 639 points, with 284 in the field.


The Hilltoppers, always stressing balance, had sophomore Norissa Valdez running 4th in 19:19.5, junior Lidia Apell 6th in 19:39.5, and in 7th was freshman Sophie Chadwick in the time of 19:43.2. Taos’ leading runner was sophomore Alya Mastor coming in 11 in 19:51.1.


Head coach Patrick Ortiz’ Pecos girls ran four freshmen, four sophomores, and three juniors, with junior Vanessa Dominguez taking 66th in 22:07. The first Santa Fe High runner to finish was senior Maya Holder coming in 95th and timed in 22:49.


The winner was Classical Academy freshman Sawyer Wilson in 18:47.4.


Then there were the boys having Albuquerque Academy leading the field of 376 runners with 66 points, topping runner-up rival Los Alamos by six points. In 20th with 536 points was Santa Fe High.  


Finishing first in 15:23.2 was Dakota Ridge senior Connor Ohlson. Sixth was Hilltopper junior Rafael Sanchez in 16:23, and senior teammate Steven Strevell clocked 16:39.2 and placed 8th.


Pecos, which entered no less than seven freshmen, was led by a senior Devon Gonzales’ 42nd place finish in 17:47.2. Two spots behind in 17:48.6 was Taos junior Eddie Duran.


Capital senior Joshua Namingha settled for 187th in 20:29 against a strong field. Santa Fe High’s best was sophomore Mason Nichols turning in an 18:43.3 for 77th place.


The rest of Pecos’ lineup consisted of four sophomores, two juniors, and one senior, Keith Flores, who finished 63rd in 18:25.8.


The Demons entered four sophomores and the lone senior, Matthew Chavez, ran 239th in 21:37.1. Capital did not have a full team, with the two joining Namingha being senior Abran Rosas and sophomore Max Quintana.



(Pecos, Santa Fe High, Taos)


11. ALYA MASTOR, Taos sophomore              19:51.1

52. ELLA KATZ, Taos junior                              21:32.2

66. VANESSA DOMINGUEZ, Pecos junior      22:07.5  

69. MISTIDAWN ROYBAL, Pecos freshman    22:25.8

72. LORYN TRUJILLO, Pecos sophomore        22:14.9

77. SAVANAGH ORTIZ, Pecos sophomore      22:19..6

80. MANELLA GOMEZ, Taos freshman          22:22.7

89. SALONNA BORREGO-MARSI, Taos junior22:40.8

95. MAYA HOLDER, Santa Fe High senior        22:49.2

104. KIANNA QUINTANA, Pecos junior            23:04.5

111. KELLY TONEY, Taos junior                        23:13.1

118. ALEXIS GONZALES, Pecos junior             23:36.3

179. ASHLYN LUJAN, Pecos freshman              25:11.2

202. MARIAH RUIZ, Pecos sophomore              25:55.6

210. AMBER LUJAN, Pecos sophomore             26:12.6

221. REINTA IRIZARRY, Santa Fe High freshman  26:55.1

222. LILI CADRET, Santa Fe High sophomore          26:55.1

223. JADEN EUSTICE, Santa Fe High sophomore   27:02.02

228. KRISTINA RAGLAO, Pecos freshman                27:24.6

236. LILY COOK, Santa Fe High junior                     27:97.9

254. BELLA ROOT, Santa Fe High junior                 29:29.5

263. ANALI ROYBAL, Pecos freshman                     29:50.3



(Pecos, Santa Fe High, Taos)


8. TAOS 282

9. PECOS 320



           BOYS 5K RESULTS

(Capital, Pecos, Santa Fe High, Taos)


42. DEVON GONZALES, Pecos senior                     17:47.2

44. EDDIE DURAN, Taos junior                                17:48.6                  

63. KEITH FLORES, Pecos senior                             18:25.8  

77. MASON NICHOLS, Santa Fe High sophomore  18:43.3

85. JESUS PEREZ, Santa Fe High sophomore         18:49.1        

97.  TANNER BLACK, Santa Fe High sophomore    18:54.3

118. DONOVAN DURAN, Taos freshman                  19:18.5

124. JOSHUA EVANS, Taos sophomore                    19:21.6

130. DUNCAN STEWARTJACKSON, Taos junior  19:24.4                            

147. DEREK HERRERA, Pecos junior                        19:47.5

148. JOE TRUJILLO, Taos senior                              19:48.1

157. ADEN HOLTON, Pecos freshman                       19:56.8

167. ZACH ROX, Pecos freshman                                20:08.5

187. JOSHUA NAMINGHA, Capital senior                20:29.8

193. LORENZO ORTEGA, Pecos freshman               20:36.7

200. ISRAEL VILLEGOS, Pecos freshman                20:46.2

203. ELIAH LOGAN, Pecos freshman                        20:47.4

205. ABRAN ROSAS, Capital senior                           20:54.4

211. NATHANEL MARTINEZ, Taos senior              20:59.5

239. MATTHEW CHAVEZ, Santa Fe High senior    21:37.1

246. JUSTIN MILLER, Pecos freshman                     21:53.6

256. BLUEBIRD ASKAN, Santa Fe High sophomore        22:06.2

263. OWEN ALBBERTS. Santa Fe High freshman            22:24.3

264. DEREK ORTIZ, Pecos sophomore                               22:26.5                                

274. JASON CROSS, Pecos freshman                                 22:29.6

281. MAX QUINTANA, Capital sophomore                        22:40.6

284. ROLANDO SANDOVAL, Pecos junior                        22:46.6

288.  MOSES ROYBAL, Pecos sophomore                          22:51.3

320.  EVAN KLACK, Santa Fe High sophomore                24:11.1

340.  CHRIS ORTIZ,   Pecos sophomore                             25:54.8

348. MIGUEL VIGIL. Pecos sophomore                            26:54.2




   16. TAOS. 453

   17.  PECOS 454

   20  SANTA FE HIGH 536


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