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Update on Closures and Restrictions, Santa Fe Seniors Meals, Services, Transportation

The City of Santa Fe is moving quickly to make decisions that put the health of our residents as the primary concern, including one of Santa Fe’s most vulnerable populations, our many senior citizens.
Senior centers closed effective Friday, March 13, 2020 for all congregate meals and city-sponsored activities. Access by the public is being strictly restricted to minimize exposure. The City’s four senior meal sites (Pasatiempo, Consuelo, Luisa, MEG) are closed, but we are ensuring that services remain in place for hungry seniors.
Our Senior Services staff has kicked into high gear preparing hundreds of Meals on Wheels today to deliver to those who rely on Senior Services for food. The meals will be available for pickup, and Meals-on-Wheels will be delivering to homes as needed. For additional information about meals call (505) 955-4721 or Meals on Wheels 955-4748.
Transportation services will be limited to those who need a ride to medical appointments. If you need confirmation, you may call senior services transportation dispatch. The phone is 955-4700, or email Linda Quesada at
In order to minimize the risk of outside contagion to this vulnerable population Santa Fe is also suspending in-home support services including respite care and homemaker services.
The City is identifying those who are most at risk and creating a safety net for them. We also want to thank all the generous people who have offered to volunteer their services. Please know that the City strictly controls who has access to meal preparations and deliveries, again to safeguard health. One suggested outlet for all this generosity: join and offer to help with groceries or errands. In addition the COVID-19 Response Fund will support the many nonprofit organizations in our community that will ensure seniors and others receive daily meals.
Prevention is still the priority. One important way—the most important way—is through “social distancing.” This means people need to stay away from each other and from places where crowds tend to gather.
·       The proper distance to avoid exposure is a minimum of 6 feet
·       Avoid shaking hands, instead use a fist bump or bump elbows
·       Practice preventative hygiene: wash your hands, avoid touching your face, cover a sneeze or cough, and wipe down surfaces that are touched by or shared by others
Only the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) can coordinate testing. They are offering testing to patients who fit a specific profile of symptoms and risk factors. The hotline number (new) for the New Mexico Department of Health is 855-600-3453.

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