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Your Support Makes a Difference


In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, our NMSU Aggie community has united in efforts to address targeted and impactful ways for us to stand with our students, faculty and staff across the NMSU system.

We have partnered with various departments across the NMSU Community and invite you to join us as we unite to support our students. We are all in this together and we are going to get through this together.

Aggie Student Emergency Fund

The Aggie Student Emergency Fund is a new resource aimed at providing support for our students during challenging times. Click to Learn More.

Aggie Cupboard

Partner with us as we work to fight food insecurity in the NMSU community during the covid-19 pandemic through the Aggie Cupboard. Click to Learn More.

Aggie Finish Line

Partner with us as we provide scholarship support to students in their final semesters with the Aggie Finish Line degree completion scholarship. Click to Learn More.

Emergency Student Housing Fund

In partnership with the department of Housing and Residential Life we are working to provide student emergency  housing. Click to Learn More.

Career Closet

Invest in student success as we partner to provide students with business attire. Partner with us as we focus on placement and social mobility. Click to Learn More.

Military and Veterans Programs

Join us in partnering with the Military Veterans Program  as we continue to provide a veteran-friendly learning environment. Click to Learn More.

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