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A Message From Mayor Alan Webber: Budget deficit – please take this survey

By Mayor Alan M. Webber

As the City of Santa Fe faces an unprecedented budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, we’re looking to hear from you. We want to make sure that we have the public’s input to inform the hard choices that lie ahead.

We want to hear from you. We need to have a conversation about the priorities that will guide our decisions. We need to be able to talk about the trade-offs that are going to have to be made. We need to make clear just what a $100 million budget deficit means, and how we will be reshaping and reimagining City government as we respond to a $100 million budget deficit.

To get started, we’ve created a survey to gather your opinion. Here’s the link to the survey. You can also find it on the City’s web site:

This is the first of a number of surveys that we’ll be posting as we move into the process of building a budget.

We’re doing it differently this year: Our Department directors are each looking at ways to cut their own budgets, and then they’re working collaboratively with related departments to find efficiencies, innovations, and better ways to deliver the services you depend on. For the first time, they’ll bring those options to our three standing Council committees, presenting their ideas to the Finance Committee, the Public Utilities/Public Works Committee, and the Quality of Life Committee. From those presentations, the City Council and I will evaluate the choices and find our way forward.

We will produce a budget. It will be balanced. It will keep Santa Fe safe, vibrant, well-run, and working for each of us and all of us.

With that in mind, here’s my request: Please complete this survey. Share it with others. Watch for the next one when it comes out.

I want to hear from you and I want you to know that you’ll continue to hear from me as we work our way through this unprecedented financial challenge.

Thank you, stay healthy, stay informed, and stay safe.

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