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Santa Fe County Supports The Food Depot

By Santa Fe County 

At the September 8, 2020 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) regular meeting, the Board recognized the importance of food security in Santa Fe County and adopted Resolution 2020-62 in support of the annual Neighbor to Neighbor Food Drive which authorized the use of County staff to collect food donations at County facilities in support of this event. Due to COVID-19 and ensuring the safety and health of constituents and staff while complying with the Governor’s Public Health Order, the Neighbor to Neighbor event is now the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund Drive. Instead of collecting food donations, Neighbor to Neighbor is collecting monetary donations from the public to benefit The Food Depot. The Food Depot can buy five pounds of food with every dollar donated to help feed those who are in need.

The resolution sponsored by Commissioners Anna T. Hamilton (D-4) and Anna Hansen (D-2) was approved unanimously by the Board.

For information about donating to this year’s Fund Drive, go to:

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