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By Arnie Leshin 
Down, down, down, it continued, sinking prior to the current March Madness 68-team NCAA basketball tournament, it never let up. 
This speaks of the men’s teams in the Mountain West Conference. 
It started off with a no-no as No. 11 Nevada, which barely made it in, was shellacked also by No.11 Arizona State, 97-62, That was also defeat number 11 for the conference that got four teams invited. 
But then regular-season champion, No. 5 San Diego State ended the draught by getting past No. 12 Charleston, 63-57, in round one. 
Then came what the MWC didn’t want to hear or see. Along came No. 10 Utah State to fall against No. 7 Missouri, 76-65, followed by No. 10 Boise State losing to No. 7 Northwestern, 75-67.
That’s 13 setbacks in 14 starts. 
Nevada, which also lost four of its last five games, suffered a horrible way to conclude the faded campaign. San Diego State’s stretch run held off Charleston, and both Utah State and Boise State lost in almost matching final scores, 76-65, and 75-67, respectively.
Oh well, said Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind. there’s always next tomorrow. For the men’s MWC field, it can only hope that times change.  

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