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Gods Encouraging Word of the day

“This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints”

Revelations  13:10

Patient endurance is not easy, but many times it is necessary.

Patient endurance is illustrated throughout the Bible. Jesus patiently endured the cross. He patiently endured His critics and, ultimately, He more than restored His reputation when He proved His claims by His resurrected life.

Do not confuse procrastination with patient endurance. Patient endurance is active and productive. It is not misguided, apathetic or irresponsible waiting. It is a daily depending on and seeking God for His best. Therefore, patiently endure for God’s sake and for the sake of others. Heavenly rewards await those who patiently endure. Use your influence to help others patiently endure their situations.

Faithfulness, when you don’t feel like it, is evidence of a maturing faith. You may be on the verge of experiencing God’s very best. Patient endurance pays off!

God Bless You

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