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Help Israel

Jews worldwide live in constant fear as deadly Hamas rockets continue to rain down in Israel and vile pro-Hamas protests spiral out of control.

This week we saw the most casualties in a day for Israeli soldiers. The sad reality is Hamas is winning this war: The pro-Palestinian propaganda in the mainstream media is overwhelming. Israel is being blamed at the U.N. and in international courts – for the horrors Hamas continues to perpetrate.

If Hamas wins, Israel will be exterminated.

At the ACLJ, we’ve created a compelling, factual multimedia case for the Jewish homeland, exposing the fallacy of “Palestine” and the jihadist roots of Hamas. The world MUST know the truth.

Watch & Share the Truth: Defend Israel.

This week, our international legal team is meeting with world leaders in Spain to defend the remaining hostages and build global support for Israel. We’re fighting at the U.N., the ICC, and the ICJ.

TODAY, we’re filing a critical lawsuit against the Biden Deep State over its constant betrayal of Israel and support for her enemies.

But as we battle seemingly alone to defend Israel’s interests – through our Jerusalem office, at the U.N., and in international courts – we need you to take action with us.

Do not let Hamas win in its evil war to destroy Israel.

Sign Petition: Defend Israel’s Right To Exist.

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