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Support the Parent’s Bill of Rights!

New Mexico families are in desperate need of HB 296, the Parental Bill of Rights. This Bill will protect the rights of parents whose children attend public schools by creating transparency and parental notification requirements.
If enacted, parents will not only have ample transparency in curricula and academic standards their child is exposed to, but they will also have these opportunities:
  • To know and inspect all material available in a school library
  • To be informed immediately if a child’s pronouns or gender markers are being changed
  • To obtain the right to know if a school is allowing students of the opposite biological sex to use the same restrooms, and changing rooms, or participate in sports designated for one biological sex.
In addition, the school will be prohibited from administering any medical examinations or screenings on a student without prior notification and consent of the parent.
Parents have the right to be clearly informed, consulted for consent, and notified of their child’s experiences at school. This bill will protect those rights.
Urge the Governor and NM Legislators to let Parents parent and keep schools accountable through transparency!
Complete the form provided right now! If we all work together, we can change the minds of those making the decision.

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