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Bible Studies BANNED

There’s a gathering storm, and I’m concerned you may not be prepared for it. Now we face a MASSIVE deadline in just 3 days.

Biden and the radical Left are waging a secret war on our Christian faith – prayer, churches, Bible studies in senior living centers, and even Christian kids in school are all under attack. Biden is empowering anti-Christian forces to severely deplete your religious liberty. And it could destroy everything we’ve fought for.

Placing spies in churches, making your bank report when you purchase a Bible, targeting “radical traditionalist” Christians, banning Bible studies – this is just the beginning.

We’re battling back in court to defend your faith, and our next deadlines are looming. We JUST filed a major lawsuit against a school that banned a teacher from even appearing to pray.

I’ve never seen anything like this. We MUST act now, or we could lose it all. We’re your last line of defense in court. But to have the resources we need to defeat Biden’s relentless attacks on your faith, we need your support.

Our Life & Liberty Drive Deadline is in just about 72 hours. Have your gift DOUBLED – dollar for dollar – NOW.

Double Impact: $25 Becomes $50; $50 Becomes $100.

The anti-Christian, anti-life, radical Left agenda is hitting us like an avalanche, and the only way we can defeat it is with you. Take urgent action with us.

Sign Our Petition: Defeat Biden’s War on Faith.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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