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Israel is under attack. It’s at war as Hamas is firing deadly rockets and has gunned down civilians in Jerusalem.

Now we have an urgent MIDNIGHT deadline as we fight to defend Israel.

Yet in the face of these genocidal attacks, Biden is abandoning our ally. He’s drawn a “red line” – impeding Israel’s ability to defend its citizens. Each decision he makes further undermines our ally and makes Israel weaker. The U.N. is waging lawfare on Israel as Israel’s enemies unite to eradicate her.

Israel is in a fight for its very existence.

Scripture makes clear, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” At the ACLJ, we’re launching a multipronged initiative here at home, with our office in Jerusalem, and at international tribunals. Our international legal team has been in Geneva all week fighting for Israel at the United Nations. And we’re delivering a critical demand letter to the U.N. Security Council in just days. We also JUST filed a new lawsuit against the Biden Administration over funding the pro-Hamas UNRWA.

This fight will require immense resources as we mobilize our offices in Jerusalem and around the world to defend Israel.

Because of the enormity of this moment, we’ve just unlocked a limited-time TRIPLE MATCH. Have your gift TRIPLED to defend Israel before our MIDNIGHT Deadline. $25 becomes $75; $100 becomes $300.

Have Your Gift TRIPLED by Our Midnight Deadline.

Israel needs us more now than ever. The world has turned against our ally, and the Biden Deep State is funding her enemies. As we take massive global legal action, join the fight.

Sign Petition: Defend Israel’s Right To Exist.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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