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Christus St Vincent Brain & Spine Care

By Christus St Vincent 

The Neurosurgical Services offered at CHRISTUS St. Vincent provide 24/7, 365 days a year coverage for access to state-of the art cervical, thoracic, brain and lumbar spine care.  We are the only Center in Northern New Mexico to provide this type of coverage.

Our Approach

Our interdisciplinary program includes specialists affiliated with CHRISTUS St. Vincent. The program provides exceptional care for our patients including minimally invasive surgery options. We make brain and spine care easy to receive by following evidence-based guidelines and ensuring access with timely appointments.

Clinical evaluations include thorough discussion and evaluation. Appointments take place in a convenient location on the hospital campus. Office staff strive to meet the needs of patients’ schedules. Surgeons carefully review the results of diagnostic procedures such as MRI, CT, or x-ray imaging with with patients so there is complete understanding of the diagnosis and treatment options.

Surgery is performed in a state-of-the-art operating room dedicated to neurosurgical procedures. The operating room is equipped with advanced surgical instruments, anesthesia equipment, operating tables, audiovisual processing, intraoperative microscopic visualization, intraoperative imaging, and other sophisticated technology.

Surgical procedures of the brain are conducted with computer-guided three-dimensional imaging techniques (Stealth frameless navigation) and advanced intraoperative neurological monitoring of the brain. Surgical procedures of the spine may be addressed with minimally-invasive techniques allowing the smallest possible incision that helps shorten recovery time. Other new spine  treatment technologies such as micro-decompression, artificial disc replacement, fusion, interspinous spacers, intraoperative real-time spinal cord monitoring, and vertebral body augmentation also are performed.

After surgery, modern recovery areas allow for a smooth emergence from anesthesia. Further recovery can occur in the hospital’s neurosurgical ward.  Comprehensive post-operative therapy programs are available, including inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy.


Brain & Spine Care

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Neurosurgical Associates
465 St. Michael’s Drive
Suite 107
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

PH: (505) 988-3233

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