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Not My Kid!

During the 2023 legislative session, legislators passed 6 egregious bills into law. These 6 laws attack parental rights, the innocence of children, the sanctity of life, and election security.
As the legislative session closed in 2023, NMFAM joined many other groups across New Mexico in a united effort to practice our right to Referendum – a New Mexico constitutional right to challenge the laws through public vote. For over a year Referendum efforts have been collecting signatures to see these laws placed on the ballot this November. And, for over a year Referendum leaders have also been fighting for our rights in the courts of New Mexico.
Unfortunately, the New Mexico Supreme Court recently ruled that the two election laws  are ‘exempt’ from the referendum process and affirmed that the NM Secretary of State can exempt other laws from a referendum process if they relate to public peace, health, or safety. The SOS has used that authority to designate all six laws as exempt from the referendum process.
Do not be disheartened!
We will not let the SOS or the courts of New Mexico stop us from fighting for the values we hold dear. Each signature that was collected will be hand delivered, in combination with our new ONLINE petition, to every member of the New Mexico legislature during the 2025 session to let them know just how many constituents oppose these bad laws and move them to repeal these laws.
If you have already signed an in-person petition, thank you! But please feel free to also sign the online version – we will filter for duplicates before bringing them to lawmakers.
Edmund Burke once said,
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”
While we often feel that fighting for our values in the New Mexico Legislature is a losing battle, it is making a difference! Thousands of New Mexicans are waking up to the battle that exists for our children, our families, and our faith. Do not underestimate your voice. Do not underestimate your influence. And never, for one moment, believe that your voice doesn’t matter.

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