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Israeli Independence Under the Shadow of War

Israel celebrates 76 years of Independence, the Jewish state and the Jewish people are under attack both at home and abroad. Israel is waging a righteous war for her survival against Iran’s terrorist-armies of Hamas and Hezbollah. And in the U.S., college campuses across the country were inundated with pro-Hamas agitators intermingling with misguided students in order to spread their Jew hatred. But they are being met on every front.

As a friend and partner of CUFI, your support is making a historic difference!

Because of your faithful support, CUFI on Campus students across the country have been rallying to stand with their Jewish peers. From California to Alabama, Christian students are making clear that they, like their parents, stand with the Jewish state and their Jewish neighbors. But we must do more. The attacks against Israel have been unprecedented; so too must be our response.


Right now, our solidarity for Zion’s sake matters like never before. As Israel celebrates 76 years of independence this week, the stakes are higher than ever. That’s why your generosity is so crucial.

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