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Hezbollah Drones Kills 1, Wounds 10

C H R I S T I A N S  U N I T E D  F O R  I S R A E L

Yesterday, a Hezbollah attack drone killed an Israeli reserve soldier and wounded ten other people. According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Since 10/7 Hezbollah has launched more than 5,0000 attacks against Israel, killing 24 Israelis, people, wounding dozens more, and setting 3,500 acres of the Holy Land ablaze.

Hezbollah’s terror and bloodlust have forced nearly 100,000 Israelis from their homes.


At this very moment, there are internally displaced Jewish refugees inside the land of Israel.


Israel needs our prayers. Israel needs our support. And the Apple of His Eye needs your voice in our nation’s capital.

To stand with Israel as she faces a ring of terror and fire, we must be educated and empowered to speak truth to power.


There are numerous ways to be involved with CUFI so that you might be the guardian of Jerusalem, to which you are called:

Speak out in support for Israel by registering for CUFI’s 2024 Washington Summit, July 28-30 at the renowned Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

Learn about current events that directly impact Israel and His Chosen People by signing up for CUFI’s daily briefing.


Act in support of the Jewish state by following CUFI’s on social media and spread the truth about the Jewish state to the world online!


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