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Del Norte Credit Union’s Elves Surprise Shoppers

unnamedDel Norte Credit Union has been sending out elves into the community to surprise food shoppers throughout Northern New Mexico. Through a new DNCU Grocery Giving campaign, staffers are “paying it forward” and stepping up at the register to pay for shopping carts of food. Shoppers have been thrilled with the unexpected gift and stories heading back to the credit union really show how food scarcity issues affect New Mexicans. One shopper who is expecting her third child had tears in her eyes as she explained that her husband had just been deported to Mexico. An elderly shopper who was coincidentally a Del Norte member said that he always loves how Del Norte supports the community. Others were very appreciative and said that they could now get some extra gifts for the kids. DNCU staffers are proud to represent DNCU in such a special way this holiday season and thank the credit union leaders for supporting such a special holiday program. Don’t be surprised if someone steps up at the register and says, “Happy holidays, your grocery bill is on Del Norte Credit Union!”

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