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Empowering America’s Veterans For Continued Success

Submitted by Heros Walk Among Us | March 30, 2017

Heroes Walk Among Us has been serving New Mexico for almost 9 years. In that time,we have helped over 4000 veterans and their families, some in dire straits. To continue our mission, HWAU is looking to take our all volunteer operation forward and hiring it first veteran employee.

We now have a great opportunity to help a veteran work here at HWAU. For the last two months, we have had the pleasure of working with a dedicated veteran volunteer. Jamid “Jay” Shupe is a US Navy Veteran that is from Albuquerque. His family has benefited from our services and his feelings about our organization is so strong that he has been helping every day to change the lives of his fraternal brothers and sisters in New Mexico. His efforts in being part of our mission has had a direct impact on five veteran families. Only through growth can HWAU continue to help our community and veterans.

But we know that there cannot be something for nothing. So, we are working with the Federal Government to place Jamid Shupe into the AmeriCorps Program. This program helps nonprofits grow by aiding with paying a volunteer. This is the first year that we be participating in this government program. The volunteer program through the Federal Government will pay his salary for the next year. What does this mean? It means that we can continue our work to help New Mexico’s veterans.

This is where I am asking for your help. To help Jamid, we need your generous donations to pay for his salary. AmeriCorps will pay for the rest of his salary for the year that he works with HWAU. To get him into this program, HWAU needs your help to raise $5,000 dollars by April 22th, this will be part of his pay from HWAU and AmeriCorps.

All proceeds go to help Heroes Walk Among Us® get veterans off the street and back on their feet.

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