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Luján Statement Regarding Effort by House GOP Leaders to Restrict Access to Draft ACA Repeal Bill

Congressman Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) today issued the following statement  after it was revealed that Republican leaders of the House of Representatives were restricting access to a draft of their Affordable Care Act repeal proposal,  keeping it “under lock and key” in an undisclosed room in Congress. Luján issued the following statement :

“Earlier this week, the President and his Republican allies came to the stunningly obvious epiphany that health care is complicated – something that everyone else knew all along.   Now there are reports that the GOP has finally drafted a proposal in their ongoing political quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

“Republican members have reportedly restricted access to their bill in a secret room accessible only to fellow Republicans – and even those individuals will only be allowed to view this document, in the basement, under lock and key. If this were the plot of some suspense thriller, it would make perfect sense, because the fiction depends on secret meetings in dark and dingy basements.”

But this is not a work of fiction the Republicans are writing. It’s a public law that will literally have life or death consequences for millions of Americans.”

“If their healthcare proposal is so great, why can’t the American people – or even the Democratic members of the Energy and Commerce Committee who will be voting on it – see it? Could it be that they are concerned that their efforts will raise taxes on the middle class, ration care and increase costs? Why aren’t the Republicans releasing the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score or real cost of their so-called repeal plan? Why all the cloak and dagger, mystery-novel nonsense?”

“Republicans should stop the secrecy.”

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