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New Mexico Celebrates Arbor Month

Arbor Day is March 10th nationally, but New Mexico dedicates an entire month to the celebration of the important role trees play in our lives. The New Mexico State Forestry Division encourages New Mexicans to recognize Arbor Month by planting or caring for trees, or getting involved in related community activities.

“There’s no right or wrong when it comes to celebrating Arbor Month – just go for it! Our communities’ Arbor Month celebrations are as unique as the communities themselves,” said Jennifer Dann, New Mexico State Forestry Division’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager. “Whether it’s making s’mores and reading ‘The Giving Tree’ around the campfire in Red River, planting a tree for the troops at Kirtland Air Force Base, answering tree questions at the Corrales Growers’ Market, or just taking a moment to thank your backyard tree – it’s a great thing to celebrate!”

Our state’s diverse climate creates variations on the best time for planting beyond just one day, so in 1992, the New Mexico State Legislature passed a house memorial designating a full Arbor Month.

Investing in our trees today will have a major impact in our communities’ future, and Arbor Month is an opportunity for all New Mexicans to learn more about trees. State Forestry invites everyone to take positive action in their local areas and participate in tree planting.

For more ideas on Arbor Month celebrations and how you can participate, contact the New Mexico State Forestry Division’s Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager, Jennifer Dann, at 505-345-2200 or by email at

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