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City of Santa Fe seeking citizens to serve on Public Banking Task Force

Applications due June 9th

Public-led group will forge path forward for public banking in Santa Fe

The City is calling for members of the public interested in serving on the inaugural Public Banking Task Force to submit a resume and a letter of interest that briefly addresses their reasons for applying and their expertise in one of the required areas, detailed below.

The Public Banking Task Force was established by Resolution 2017-32, introduced by Councilor Renee Villarreal and co-sponsored by Councilors Maestas, Dominguez, Ives, Lindell and Harris.

The group will determine the “procedures, timelines and requirements that would be necessary to establish a chartered public bank and to make recommendations to the governing body in preparation for the governing body to make an informed decision.”

If you fit one of these 9 categories, you can apply today!

1 member of the Finance Department
3 members with financial and/or banking experience
2 members with legal experience in public finance or banking
1 member with federal and state regulatory experience in banking industry
2 at-large resident members

More detail on the membership requirements, mission and charge of the task force can be found in the text of the full resolution, at:

Interested parties should send the requested information on or before June 9th to City Clerk Yolanda Y. Vigil, at, or call (505) 955-6521 for more information.

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