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By Santa Fe Kiwanis
We invite you and your plus-one to join us for a festive welcome reception for the 2019 ZozoRita and share your skills by helping us select the artwork for this year’s for Official Zozobra posters and tee-shirts!
And in an amazing new twist, thanks to the new app created by RealityX2 that we’ll be sharing at the party, you will be able to ANIMATE THE ZOZOBRA IMAGE ON THE GLASS!
What does animating the glass image mean? Exactly what it says! When you point your mobile device at the image on the glass, you will see Zozobra himself come to life before your very eyes!
WHO: The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe and Southern Glazer Wines & Spirits
WHAT: The 2019 VIP ZozoRita Rollout Party & 2019 Zozobra Art Selection Contest
 Zozobra is always Santa Fe’s hottest news! The Santa Fe Kiwanis Club and Southern Glazer Wines & Spirits invite YOU to be among the first to sample the 2019 ZozoRita, Zozobra’s cool signature margarita, returning for its fifth year as the City Different’s most iconic summer cocktail.
Made exclusively with premium Espolon Tequila, and Grand Marnier, the ZozoRita will soon be served in unique recipes from Santa Fe’s best mixologists at hotel lounges and watering holes throughout the city. WOW! Santa Fe’s Margarita Trail just got a boost from its biggest advocate, Old Man Gloom himself!
2019 is Year Six of the ten-year Zozobra Decades Project leading up to the Zozobra’s hundredth anniversary as one of Santa Fe’s most historic traditions. This year, the Burning of Zozobra will celebrate the disco-loving1970s era, and the 2019 ZozoRita makes its fifth appearance in a collectible glass designed in memorable 70s style!
Enjoying this unique cocktail also gives you a way to give back to Santa Fe, since $1 from each collectible glass sale goes to the Santa Fe Kiwanis, amplifying our ability to aid the local nonprofits that benefit Santa Fe kids.
Please join us at Tomasita’s on Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 5-7 PM to enjoy a complimentary 2019 ZozoRita andhelp us select the 2019 Zozobra Merchandise Artwork.
And don’t forget to gather friends and family to celebrate the end of summer together by watching Zozobra go down in a blaze of glory on Friday,August 30, 2019.

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