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“Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All”

By Cameron Gonzales 
Cameron Gonzales

Today marks the 243rd anniversary of the day we declared our independence from Great Britain, and officially began one of the most dynamic and beautiful democracies on this earth. Developed on the foundation of individual liberty, freedom to pursue that which fulfills you, and a commitment to equality, sprung one of the strongest countries to this day.

We have been a global superpower since our conception, a thought leader, and a triumphant ally. We were given the tool of self-healing right within our own founding documents, shifting the structure of our government ever so slightly in times of need, thriving in times of good fortune.

Today is a day to show pride for our values, for the vision our founding fathers conceived so long ago, and for the power those founding documents have bestowed upon us, the American citizen.

​America was founded on the radical idea that each person had an equal say in what the government did, that a majority could engage civically and then communicate to their representatives what they needed to continue to thrive. They imagined a world free from tyranny and rule of the powerful, instead believing in the power of the people to build a government that worked for everyone. While we have strayed from time to time, and while some believe our current practices regularly go against the founding fathers wishes when it comes to things like voter suppression, still rampant discrimination, and congressional gridlock due to partisan politics, the rights and values at the core of our documents still remain.

America is so great because we have the power to create laws that serve all of us, because we have a public that is engaged and devoted to the well-being of our nation.

We are patriots, and as such we have a right to fight to make a positive difference through truth, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of all citizens.

We celebrate with fireworks because unlike many throughout our world our voice matters.   Never forget you have the power, never doubt that it is yours.

Happy Fourth of July and may God Bless America!

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