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Sarah Stark & Jack Stark Dudzik: A Story We All Know

By Historic Santa Fe Foundation
Historic Santa Fe Foundation (HSFF) is pleased to host A Story We All Know, an exhibition of Sarah Stark’s pen-and-ink drawings and Jack Stark Dudzik’s drawings at HSFF’s El Zaguán, 545 Canyon Road, from August 2 – 30, 2019 with the opening on Friday, August 2 from 5-7pm at HSFF’s El Zaguán.
This year Sarah Stark has been working on a graphic memoir. This is the story of her condensed journey from stargazing teenager to married woman in the short span of six years. She dreamed of becoming a diplomat and traveling the world, and yet she put those dreams aside to plan a giant wedding at age 24. The story is set amidst the materialism and extremist Christian dogma of Texas in the 1980s and 90s. It shows her as the young woman she was: intelligent, talented, and unable to talk about many of the things she needed to be talking about including religion, relationships, sex, and her own dreams and desires.

For this exhibition, she has included a few panels and pages to provide a flavor of her narrative voice and her simple line drawings.

Sarah Stark is a mother, teacher and writer. She began her career as a political scientist working in Washington on issues concerning nuclear nonproliferation and peacekeeping. She currently teaches English at Santa Fe Preparatory School, and taught creative writing previously at the Institute of American Indian Arts for a number of years. Her novel, Out There (Leaf Storm Press, 2014) was selected as a Top Book by Publishers Weekly for 2014 and received a starred review. Out There was also selected as the winner of the INDIEFAB Editor’s Choice Award for Fiction Book of the Year, 2014.

Jack has been drawing cars and airplanes this year. He likes to draw in his blue Moleskin sketchbook with a graphic No. 2HB pencil. Jack also like using a black Uniball 07. He states, “One of the best things about drawing cars is imagining them from all different views and angles.”

Jack Stark Dudzik is a soccer player, writer and artist. His favorite place to draw is from the yellow armchair in his living room in Apartment #7 of El Zaguán. He is nine years old.

For more information on the exhibition, contact Melanie McWhorter at 505-983-2567 or


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