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Elephant Butte Lake State Park Completes Key Waterline Project


Elephant Butte Lake State Park Completes Key Waterline Project
Elephant Butte, NM – Elephant Butte Lake State Park has completed a critical project to connect the waterline in the main area of the park to the public water system managed by the New Mexico Water Company. The park was previously connected to two unreliable water wells, this new system will be more effective and safer.
This project is part of New Mexico State Parks’ Next Generation of Adventure campaign to enhance the visitor experience through facility upgrades, improved technology, and more programs for park goers. The new water system will give visitors a more reliable water source
and will require less maintenance, which will free up staff time to focus on augmenting other visitor services.
The new 6” line is .5 miles long and has a maximum flow of 100 gallons-per-minute. The total cost of the project was $339,513. It was engineered by Sullivan Design Group and installed by Advanced Environmental Solutions.
This waterline serves Lions Beach, Quail Run and Desert Cove Campgrounds as well as the park office, shop, main area comfort stations and Marina del Sur.
“We are excited to see this important project to its completion,” said State Park Director, Christy Tafoya. “This new system is important to the smooth operation of our largest State Park in the system and we appreciate the ultimate connection to the New Mexico Water Company. In addition, we will partner with the City of Elephant Butte on upcoming initiatives.”
“The City of Elephant Butte is happy that the park waterline has been connected,” said Elephant Butte Mayor, Edna Trager. “We appreciate our partnership with State Parks and look forward to working together closely in the future.”
For more information about Elephant Butte Lake State Park, contact (575) 744-5923.

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