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N.M. teens to watch DWI Court in school


Junior- and senior-year students at Santa Fe High School on Friday will observe the real-life consequences of driving while intoxicated as part of the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s Impaired Driving and Enforcement Division’s “Courts to Schools” program. The program is administered by the state Office of the Attorney General.
A courtroom scene will take place in the school gymnasium; a judge will preside over cases. Students in the bleachers will watch as actual DWI offenders are possibly convicted and sentenced.
“These are not actors,” said Transportation Secretary Michael Sandoval. “This is not a
play. Young adults will watch actual court proceedings and bear witness to the consequences of dangerous decisions behind the wheel. Drinking and driving is a perilous situation. We all know the consequences it can have on others. Our young adults need to see, first-hand, the personal effects of DWI.”
Students will also hear testimony from victims of drunk driving as well as offenders. In addition, the teens will participate in hands-on exercises to help them understand the adverse effects of alcohol through DWI simulation goggles.
For more information, contact Amber Sanchez the Traffic Safety Resource Coordinator at 505-

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