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Outdoor Recreation Division launches new website

Outdoor Recreation Division website launched Friday, Dec 6
New Mexico Economic Development Department’s (EDD) Outdoor Recreation Division (ORD) has launched an independent website on Friday, Dec 6. The new ORD site will be a valuable resource for outdoor recreation companies looking to expand or relocate, as well as nonprofits and government agencies looking to get involved with the division’s work.
Additionally, the website offers information including a full list of the ORD Advisory Committee as well as opportunities for volunteers. “The Outdoor Recreation Division’s website and social platforms are intended to serve New Mexicans and out-of-state outdoor companies with news, up-to-date resources, and radical transparency. We hope these sites become hubs for people to learn about the state’s expanding outdoor recreation economy, as well as how they can get involved.” ORD Director Axie Navas said.
If you’re a resident of New Mexico, the ORD invites you to submit your interest in volunteering or lending support to the outdoor recreation economy. They will connect you with organizations who are doing the “boots-on-the-ground work” in that field.
All of the photos on the ORD site are courtesy of Silver City photographer, Jay Hemphill.
Visit the site regularly for updates at

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