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Safety Reminders for Fourth of July Weekend

By EMNRD                        

Santa Fe – In preparation for the Fourth of July weekend, the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department’s State Parks Division provides the following reminders about recreating responsibly when visiting the outdoors. State Parks are currently only open for day-use, for details on specific park hours of operation and additional information visit the State Parks website and know before you go.

Important safety reminders:

  • Always wear a life jacket while on the water.Children 12 and younger must wear a lifejacket while on or near the water.Drowning is the reported cause of death in 79 percent of all boating fatalities – and 86 percent of drowning victims in recreational boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket at all times while boating or near the water is the simplest safety step a boater can take, just like wearing a seat belt in a vehicle. Boaters can choose from a variety of U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets appropriate for their water activity. Learn more about the importance of wearing a life jacket on the State Parks FAQ flyer.
  • Never boat under the influence. Boating under the influence is the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths. The side effects of alcohol or drug use, such as impaired judgment, reduced balance and poor coordination, are magnified while boating.
  • Take a Boating Safety Education course. New Mexico offers free boating safety classes throughout the year and offers online boating courses by third-party vendors. Check for more information.
  • Wear a face covering, stay in groups of 5 people or less, and practice social distancing.
  • Restrictions and prohibitions exist for fireworks, smoking, campfires, and open fires statewide (this includes charcoal).



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