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Kyle Maier Polaroids, NM Interviews, and Home Tour Membership

By The historic Santa Fe foundation

Historic Santa Fe Foundation developed the Stewards Membership in 2015 with a tour of El Zaguán and the surrounding homes. Many of the structures that sit behind the Foundation’s home were once part of Margretta Dietrich’s compound. Dietrich worked with designer and builder Kate Chapman to remodel many of the structures. Since the inagural event, HSFF has made its way around to some of the very important homes in the Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico area — Gustauve Baumann House, William Penhallow Henderson House, Chavez-Kelly House, Lobato-Morley House, Carlos Vierra House, and the Meem Architect office in Santa Fe; J.B. Jackson House in La Cienega; Las Acequias in Nambe; and La Huerta in Tesuque. Each event includes a tour, a guest speaker, refreshments and appetizers, and the company of preservation-interested individuals. A list of events and speakers can be found on the Stewards page.

For the fall 2021 tour, HSFF has partnered with the Bishop’s Lodge to host an event on their grounds. Architect Beverley Spears will speak about the renovations to the Lamy Chapel, as she acted as consultant on the project. We will have an opportunity to visit the chapel with Spears as our guide.

Membership in this group is $750 annually for two people and includes the opportunity to attend four events during the year.  If you are interested in signing up for the Stewards or want more information, visit the Stewards page or contact Melanie with the contact information below.

Contact: Melanie McWhorter, 505-983-2567 or

Join the Stewards

© Kyle Maier

Kyle Maier – Electric Polaroid
On display November 5-26, 2021

Kyle Maier is a filmmaker based in Las Cruces, NM and Gettysburg, PA. His visual storytelling skills bridge a gap between artist interpretations and American history. Maier has collaborated with Historic Santa Fe Foundation on a variety of video projects, and he is currently working on a full-length art and documentary film about Santa Fe in the early to mid-1900s creatively narrating the lives of many of the artists and personalities. His work can be seen on Instagram@kamiomedia and @canyonroadhistory

This exhibition, Electric Polaroid, features the wild collection of Polaroids that Maier captured around Santa Fe and Canyon Road. The aforementioned, ongoing documentary about the history of art in Santa Fe led Kyle Maier to start shooting with vintage cameras. He discovered an old SX-70 Polaroid camera at a curio shop in Las Cruces and thought it would be a unique way to present the photographs with a retro aesthetic. While experimenting with the camera, he made a very fortunate discovery: He could produce Polaroids with a long exposure, and, thus made a beautifully unpredictable series of night images. His process was experimental, first exposures that were captured out of luck. Then through trial-and-error, he eventually learned how to moderately control his exposures. This exhibition presents over 100 Polaroids from Maier’s recent Santa Fe evening shoots.

Contact: Melanie McWhorter, 505-983-2567 or

© Kyle Maier

Portraits above, clockwise upper right
Michael Romero Taylor, Harry Vasile, Anne Bingaman, Irene Benally © Frank Graziano, Profundo Archives Interviews

Profundo Heritage Archive Documents the Lives of One Hundred New Mexicans

In 2020, when its historic-church tours and concerts became unviable due to the pandemic, NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO initiated an ambitious oral-biography project to document the lives of one hundred New Mexicans. The project was completed in mid-October 2021.

The participants range in age from their twenties to their nineties, with geographical distribution from Kirtland to Hidalgo County. A variety of New Mexican lifestyles are represented, including among others ranchers, educators, hippies, writers, artists, artisans, musicians, scholars, chefs, law-enforcement officers, gallery owners, veterans, immigrants, horse breeders and trainers, environmentalists, rodeo athletes, and government officials. Also included are many participants related to Profundo’s historic-church focus, among them Franciscans, mayordomos, hermanos penitentes, pilgrims, santeros, preservation advocates, and restorers. A project brochure with a complete roster of the participants is here. The interviews range in length from one to three hours and the files include portraits. In 2022 Profundo will explore the adaptation of excerpts from the interviews into thematically organized podcasts.

The archive is housed at the Center for Southwest Research, University of New Mexico, and eventually the interviews will be included in New Mexico Digital Collections.

The PROFUNDO HERITAGE ARCHIVE was made possible by generous donations from Susan Foote, the Hutson-Wiley and Echevarria Foundation, The Boeckman Family Foundation, Sallie Bingham, and other friends of Nuevo Mexico Profundo.

NUEVO MEXICO PROFUNDO is a collaboration of Historic Santa Fe Foundation / New Mexico Office of the State Historian / New Mexico State Historic Preservation Officer / Cornerstones Community Partnerships / New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance / Spanish Colonial Arts Society / and participating parishes, mayordomos, pueblos, and communities.

Find a few of the interviews on 545 Blog on HSFF’s website

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