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Boys non-district high school basketball triple-header scheduled for Jan. 6, 7, 8

By Arnie Leshin 
St. Michael’s has pieced together a 3-day boys basketball tournament starting Jan. 6th of the new year, and with varsity, junior varsity and C-Team games on the menu and playing over three late afternoon days.
On the menu for this unique triple-header is host St. Michael’s, neighboring rival Santa Fe High, Bernalillo, Albuquerque’s Bosque School and Hope Christian, Laguna-Acuma, Crownpoint and Pecos.
Only the Horsemen and Demons will be in all three tournaments, with Crownpoint in two, and Hope Christian, Bosque and Bernalillo in one.
All of the round-robin non-district varsity games will be played at Perez-Shelley gymnasium, with the opening contest matching Albuquerque Bosque School against Crownpoint in a scheduled 5:30 p.m. start, followed by the host Horsemen taking on Laguna-Acuma at approximately 7:30.
On day two, it’s Laguna-Acuma meeting up with Bosque in a 5:30 start, and St. Michael’s following against Crownpoint.
Day three has Crownpoint and Laguna-Acuma in the 5:30 opener and the Horsemen in the closer versus Bosque.
Five of the six JV games will be played at the school’s Tipton gym, with only the day three Crownpoint-Laguna-Acuma contest to be held at Perez-Shelley.
The junior varsity 5:30 p.m. opener will match St. Michael’s against Laguna-Acuma, and followed by Santa Fe High taking on Crownpoint. On day two, it’s the Horsemen meeting up with Crownpoint in game one, and Santa Fe High playing Laguna-Acuma.
On day three, the first game is slated for a 4 p.m. start between Crownpoint and Laguna-Acuma, with the final game sending St. Michael’s against the Pecos JV.
In the C-Team schedule, the Jan. 6 starter will be at 4 p.m. at Perez-Shelley gym between St. Michael’s and Bernaillo, and Albuquerque Hope Christian versus Santa Fe High at the same time, but at Lipton gym.
Day two also begins at 4, with the Horsemen again at Perez-Shelley and facing Hope Christian, while at the same time at Lipton, it’s Santa Fe High going against Bernalillo.
On the final day, the opening game is set for 2 p.m. between Bernailllo and Hope Christian at the Lipton court, and followed there by St. Michael’s playing Santa Fe High.
So in what is a hoops special, it’s three days on the basketball courts at St. Michael’s.

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