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The North Central RTD Plans to Transition to a Zero Emission Fleet

The North Central RTD is committed to being an environmentally conscious and sustainable partner. One component of this goal is to reduce its carbon footprint through zero emission buses (ZEBs). The transition plan evaluates the current and planned facilities to determine how ZEBs can be accommodated, financial and funding efforts, and how the NCRTD workforce can support a zero-emission fleet.

The District plans on incorporating charging stations at various current and planned facilities across the state. The recently constructed Española facility was built with this in mind, and construction of future facilities will also incorporate charging capacity. Other facilities will be modified when applicable to support ZEBs.

The transition plan also details the logistics of traveling on a fixed route while incorporating the need to stop and charge the vehicle, in order to ensure that route efficiency and service is maintained. Future testing will be done to clarify route times and needs.

Significant investments are required for the success of this transition plan. Funding is expected to come from various grant opportunities at the federal and state level. With nationwide movements to support environmental sustainability, the District hopes to receive substantial funding for the success of this project.

Additionally, the District recognizes that the workforce is a critical component of the success of this project. Employees will be trained on the necessary skills pertaining to their job duties in relation to a zero-emission fleet. Sustainability is a common goal that NCRTD staff continuously strive for.

The District is actively working towards the purchase of their first zero emission buses and is excited to pursue the transition of a full fleet of zero emission vehicles.

The North Central Regional Transit District provides fare-free bus service to an area that encompasses over 10,000 square miles of north central New Mexico including the counties of Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Taos, the Eight Northern Pueblos and the Jicarilla Apache Nation. For more information or to view available routes visit

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