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We cannot allow Israel to be exterminated.

Yet that’s the goal of Israel’s enemies – the enemies of freedom. We warned you, and now world leaders are caving to the genocidal jihadists – completely abandoning Israel. The U.N. Secretary-General has betrayed Israel – blaming Israel instead of Hamas.

The lawfare attacks on Israel have already begun – even as Hamas still holds civilian hostages. If we do nothing, we could be looking at a second Holocaust.

We’re rapidly expanding our efforts, filing six new legal demands to the U.N. on behalf of the hostage families. We must keep fighting until every single hostage is freed. We are filing new FOIAs to expose and defeat the Biden Deep State’s antisemitic attacks. And we just filed a major lawsuit over the Biden State Department’s anti-Israel funding.

This is a pivotal moment, and we urgently need your support today. Our Faith & Freedom DriveDeadline is in less than a week. Have your Tax-Deductible gift DOUBLED today.

Double Impact: $25 Becomes $50; $50 Becomes $100.

As we drastically expand our legal work here in the U.S., at the U.N., through our Jerusalem office, and with major meetings next month across Europe to defend the hostages, we urgently need you to take action with us before it’s too late.

Sign Petition: Defend Israel. Free ALL the Hostages.

ACLJ Files Lawsuit Over State Delegitimizing Israel.

The radical Left wants to prevent you from voting for the candidate of your choice.

The ACLJ is representing the Republican Parties of at least eight states to defeat the Left’s attempt to “disqualify” President Trump from the ballot by abusing the 14th Amendment.

This week we filed critical responses in cases in Virginia and West Virginia.

It’s the biggest fight to defend your right to vote we’ve ever engaged in. We need YOU.

Sign NOW: Stop the ‘Disqualification’ Plot.

Our massive FOIA lawsuit against the Biden State Department has now uncovered that the Biden Administration is violating the Taylor Force Act, which prohibits funding the Palestinian Authority while it continues to incentivize terrorist organizations like Hamas and others to murder Israeli citizens and American soldiers.

The barbaric attacks of Oct. 7th only solidify the notion that Biden’s decision to subsidize Palestinian terror has made the Middle East – and the world – significantly worse and more dangerous.

Report: Biden Admin Continues To Fund Terror.

On Thanksgiving Day, we proudly premiered our first full-length feature film, the heartwarming Christmas comedy Jingle Smells.

We’ve partnered with Rumble to bring you this hilarious, family-friendly Christmas movie about faith, freedom, and supporting our veterans, while poking fun at “cancel culture.”

Jingle Smells stars John Schneider and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts and features the hilarious talents of SNL alums Victoria Jackson and Jim Breuer.

Jingle Smells is the perfect holiday movie to watch with your entire family this weekend. It’s got heart, humor, and no Hollywood agenda.

Order Jingle Smells Today.

Finally, our Faith & Freedom Drive Deadline is in just 5 days. Your gift today will have double the impact as we battle the most vital fights of our time – especially as we defend Israel at this critical hour. Have your gift doubled today.

God Bless,
The ACLJ Team

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