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Israel is on fire. Biden is betraying her. And college campuses have been invaded by violent radicals.

Today we’re taking urgent legal action to fight back.

President Biden BLOCKED critical weapons shipments to Israel, even after Congress overwhelmingly authorized new aid.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) could issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at any moment. And Jewish and Christian students who support Israel are forced to flee college campuses that are being overrun by vile pro-Hamas, Soros-funded protesters.

Hamas is winning. Iran is winning. And the vile anti-Israel Left is winning.

But your ACLJ is taking urgent legal action to fight back TODAY. We’re preparing to take on the lawfare at the ICC, where we have argued and won before. TODAY we are filing a FOIA request over Biden’s blocking of vital military aid for Israel. And if the Biden Deep State doesn’t comply, we’ll go back to court. Israel needs us, and we need you.

Sign Petition NOW: Defend Israel From Evil Attacks.

TODAY we are also delivering vital demand letters to major universities – including Columbia, Harvard, USC, and UCLA – demanding they follow the law and protect Jewish and Christian students who support Israel. Sign on to our letters.

Sign NEW Petition: Stop the Vile Anti-Israel Protests.

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