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School Grades Released-SFPS District Earns High Marks for Student and Family Satisfaction and for Preparing Students for College and Career

Santa Fe, NM –The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) released school grades for the 2016-2017 school year. The overall district grade is not yet available from PED.

Santa Fe High and Capital High both increased their letter grade, with Capital High increasing from a D to a C and Santa Fe High improving from an F to a C. Both high schools earned a B in the College and Career Readiness category which rates a school on student participation on college entrance exams, student success in college-level courses, and student eligibility for a career technical education certification.  Dr. Garcia explained, “I am pleased  both high schools increased the percent of students proficient last year and just as importantly, both schools showed they are better preparing students for college and career.”

Overall, eleven schools  increased at least one letter grade this past year, nine decreased at least one letter grade, and ten remained the same, including four schools that earned a grade of A each of the past two years: Acequia Madre Elementary, Carlos Gilbert Elementary, Pinon Elementary, and Wood Gormley Elementary. Superintendent Garcia said, “As part of the Opportunity to Learn section of school grades, the PED surveyed our students and families who rated our schools based on their satisfaction with classroom teaching and expectations of students. Every elementary and middle school in our district earned an A in that category except for one that missed an A by a few hundredths of a  point. The most credible feedback a school district can obtain is from its families and students.

“We have, however, during the initial analysis of the school grades identified some puzzling results. For example, we have schools with comparable proficiency rates over the last few years with large differences in grades, and by the same token we have schools seesawing back and forth year to year. This is confusing to parents, staff and our community, but after a deeper analysis, we will provide our school communities a clearer picture and work together to implement our roadmap for continued success.”

Dr. Garcia went on to state, “In the end, we have more A and B schools this year (seven in 2016 compared to eleven in 2017), and we have less D and F schools as well (17 in 2016 compared to 14 in 2017). I am excited about the direction we are moving in our District; we are focused on sound teaching and learning practices and bringing back the joy of teaching and learning.  I am confident we will continue to see improvement and I have great faith in our our team, students, families, and community.”

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