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The most impactful things you can do for Israel this summer

July marks nine months since Israel was forced into a war it never wanted – a war that has brutalized, displaced, and killed thousands of innocent Israelis.


Hezbollah rocket attacks have set thousands of acres ablaze in northern Israel while Hamas’s missiles send civilians running for cover in the south. As the nation of Israel faces attacks from every side, your support is vital.

To help you keep Israel at the forefront of your prayers and thoughts, we will send you a stunning, made-in-Israel bracelet imprinted with Isaiah 62:1 for any gift of $75 or more. This unique bracelet will be a conversation starter to share the truth about Israel and the crucial role Christians are called to play in defending God’s Chosen People.

Take your defense of Israel further by joining us at the CUFI Summit. Few things matter more to decision-makers on Capitol Hill than hearing directly from their constituents. And nothing is more impactful in this context than showing up in their office in Washington. That is why the most impactful thing you can do for Israel this summer is join us at the Summit. 

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